Get Reviews, keep in touch, and increase revenue We have worked hard for a few months behind the scenes collecting and testing these options so that you can be confident of what to expect. It is no longer a mystery, but it is rather a proven fact that reviews can and do make a difference in any business. Why do people (leave or not) negative reviews? We know that customers who have a generally bad attitude or have had a bad experience will always find a way to voice their opinions including leaving negative reviews about a business in as many places as they can.Read More →

Publishing to Google Maps The last step is to publish the moderated virtual tour and wait for it to show up on the client’s account in Google Maps. Now the client virtually welcomes their audience into their place. What we do; Once the client has approved the virtual tour, it is ready for publishing to their ID on Google Maps. We do this from the back end. The actual process may take anywhere between 5 minutes and several hours depending on how big the tour is. But once published, the client will start seeing the spherical images pop up in their profile on Google Maps.Read More →

Imagery Upload / Preview Stage Stitched and edited images are then uploaded to servers which allow us to view the 360-degree, spherical, panoramic images. The publishing service also facilitates tour moderation and client preview. If all is good, the tour is published, or else more edits are done. What we do; Once images are uploaded to a publishing service we search for the clients’ identification number called CID on Google Maps. This allows us to publish the imagery onto the clients’ Google Maps profile using this unique business identity. We don’t yet publish the images. This step simply allows us to publish the tour onRead More →

Imagery Editing Stage For this stage, images are imported into a computer where we spend hours stitching them into panoramic images and editing them until each spherical image looks right. What we do; During image capturing, we captured 4 sides 180-degree images, on each side, we captured bracketed images at low exposure, standard exposure, and high exposure. This allows us to capture colors in depth so that when the 3 images are layered, the viewer gets a beautiful image as close as the eye sees. We first combine the 3 layers for each of the 4 sides to make 4 images. Then we stitch togetherRead More →

Imagery Capture Stage During the imagery capture stage, a lot of preparations have to be made both on the client’s side and the photographer’s side to make sure that the image capture is smooth. From the client’s side; The full area that is to be captured has to be thoroughly cleaned. Because almost whatever the eye can see, the camera will capture and offer to your customers for view. This includes those big marks on the floor that you have forgotten about or a mark on the wall that some kid left and it has been forgotten about. Or broken tiles that you intended toRead More →

IslamInSpanish – Cultural & Educational Center Houston – TX IslamInSpanish (Islam in Spanish) located on the back side of Chase building right at the corner of Alief & Hwy 6, is a Cultural & Education Center. It is one of a kind or first, one of it’s kind. Offering rich historical heritage right from design to actual information shared. Founded and lead by Latino leadership from different ethnic backgrounds such as Mexican, Dominican, Puertorican, etc. Seeing is believing. If you have an interest in Latino/Spanish Islamic influence in modern science, then this is the place to visit.

Little People’s Greater Life – Webster, Texas LIVE TOUR OF THIS PREMISES HAS BEEN REMOVED PER OWNER REQUEST DUE TO IT BEING OUTDATED This is a beautiful Daycare Center in Webster, Texas. Less than 2 minutes from Gulf Freeway (I-45 South) on FM528. I was informed that they were just finishing renovations after recent floods. The place is clean!