15 Million Views is not a Joke, but there’s more to come! We are humbled, excited and delighted to say that the businesses we have helped, have received almost 15 million views, maybe by the time this writing gets public, 15 million views would have been crossed! This simply means that what we do to help our customers works. It means that they receive enough views, and the more views they receive, the more customers visit them and eventually those visits turn into commerce. We don’t have too much to add, as we have written the benefits in our previous posts as we crossed 12Read More →

Oman in 360º getting fuller As businesses in Oman realize the importance of welcoming their customers and opening virtual doors to their customers online, 360º Google Tours pick up. Our latest project Buffalo Wild Wings at City Center, Oman, opposite Oman International Airport was done in collaboration with USA company owned and operated by Mark Holdridge. Therefore Buffalo Wild Wings becomes one of the first fast food restaurants in Oman to actually have a 360 Virtual Tour photographed by Oman 360 Views own Google Trusted Photographer. Oman 360º Views operating under the umbrella of Abu Elyas Al Kindy Trading is excited to be in the forefrontRead More →

Oman! Land of Endless Opportunities Two shoes sales people went to the same place at different times. First one got out of the airplane and saw that no one had shoes. He wanted to be returned immediately, because he saw that since no one wore shoes, he had no potential clients. The second stepped out the airplane and saw that no one had shoes. He immediately placed a call back home to say “please send more shoes, no one here has shoes yet!”. The perspective of an open minded business owner and fixed paycheck employees are very different! We look at Oman and see endlessRead More →