To all followers! This is a quick write-up to notify all that we are moving to a more accessible location on Al Kharais St., right behind Cycle Omania. But it shouldn’t matter as we always come to you. Just call, email, or WhatsApp us and we will schedule to meet you at your location. But if you want to visit, please click on this link As always Keep Calm

Virtual Tours in Oman It is exciting that finally, Oman is warming up to virtual tours. While the rest of the world including our neighboring UAE has long embraced the concept of inviting viewers to their businesses virtually (using virtual tours) and expecting more visitors than usual through their doors than just using traditional methods of inviting customers to their businesses. This method has worked in the west for the last decade and a half, it is working in the Eastern hemisphere and for the Middle Eastern and African countries that have embraced the change. While our company (Oman360Views) alone has helped numerous businesses inRead More →

Our Customers Businesses have just crossed 12 Million Views We would like to congratulate our customers as their businesses have just been viewed over 12 Million times. What does that mean? Marketing and Promotions that they have invested in are paying off! The Virtual Tours we have created for them and the POI (Poing of Interest) images have attracted quite a few eyeballs towards their online presence. The views translate to traffic to the businesses channels and funnels The online traffic is convertible in percentile measure to offline business footprints (people who walk into the business) It’s all connected. If you are a business orRead More →

50% Price Drop in Hosted Tours! We are excited to announce that we have reached an agreement with the 3rd Party Host services and are able to drop the hosting prices from 99.00 Omani Rials to 49.000 Omani Rials per month. That is up to 600 Omani Rials in yearly savings available from today! With the special offer of 49 Omani Rials per month for 12 months contract, the total amount of 588 Omani Rials is paid upfront or the customer can choose to pay 54 Omani Rials per month for 12 months contract, a total of 648 Omani Rials spread/ paid over 12 months.Read More →

Muscat Electronics LLC, Ruwi, Oman   With almost 12 million views towards our clientele business portfolios, Oman 360 Views is excited to announce yet another successfully completed project. This project is in collaboration with Insights a Google Partner from Dubai.   Muscat Electronics LLC is one of the top Electronics providers in Oman. This Google Maps Street View is of their Hi-Tech Showroom in Ruwi which mainly features Daikin products. Seeing is believing. So first visit them virtually and make sure to visit them in person, you will not be disappointed with their unrivaled state-of-the-art showroom. You will find everything from the highly acclaimed “Non-Inverter”Read More →

Google Local Guide Impact on Map

Our Customers Have Received Over 11 Million Views and Counting Our customers have worked hard to establish their businesses. They chose us to help them get a stronger foothold on Google places. We have done our best to help them. As a result, they keep receiving more and more views every month. Of course, this translates to business ultimately for those who understand numbers. We congratulate our customers and our staff for their dedication… as they say, “it takes two”. An effort of a team is never an effort of one. 11 million views is a BIG DEAL for our customers and for us. ComeRead More →

360WebSmart - Google My Business Agency

360WebSmart in Oman Gets Google Organization / Agency Approval We are excited to announce that one of our operational arms 360WebSmart was granted Organizational/ Agency Approval by Google. This provides us with a special Dashboard on Google My Business to allow us to work more efficiently for our clients. All our client accounts have been moved from (DealerElements) to 360WebSmart dashboard. Including Bank Muscat, Towell Auto Center, and multiple other small businesses. We offer our ID to our clients, and they can invite us to manage their business. After they feel comfortable with operating their GMB (Google My Business) Account, they remove our access andRead More →

4,500,000 VIEWS REACHED ON AUGUST 15, 2018 We are excited to announce that our professional photography services on Google Maps have been recognized as having reached a new record of 4.5 Million views as of August 15, 2018. We are committed to making our clients visible to their customers by providing the best services and using the very best tools available in the market to provide our services to them. Once again, we want to thank all the businesses that have allowed us to be of service to them and to congratulate them because it is their business photos that are being viewed and ourRead More →

3,000,000 Views reached on March 29, 2018 We are excited to announce that our professional photography services on Google Maps have been recognized as having reached 3Million views as of March 29, 2018. It is a big accomplishment to get to the first 1,000 views. After that, we did not pay any attention to the recognition until the 3M mark which we just hit 2 days ago. We want to thank all the businesses that have allowed us to be of service to them and to congratulate them because it is their business photos that are being viewed and our connection gives us credit forRead More →

Oman in 360º getting fuller As businesses in Oman realize the importance of welcoming their customers and opening virtual doors to their customers online, 360º Google Tours pick up. Our latest project Buffalo Wild Wings at City Center, Oman, opposite Oman International Airport was done in collaboration with USA company owned and operated by Mark Holdridge. Therefore Buffalo Wild Wings becomes one of the first fast food restaurants in Oman to actually have a 360 Virtual Tour photographed by Oman 360 Views own Google Trusted Photographer. Oman 360º Views operating under the umbrella of Abu Elyas Al Kindy Trading is excited to be in the forefrontRead More →