FITBOX Oman is on the map! Many times small companies and businesses try to wear all the hats! They want to start their business, they want to become IT specialists, they want to basically do everything which they have no experience in doing! 9 times out of 10, by the time these small businesses reach out to us, they have already messed up so much that it takes much longer to give them the help they need because of the mess we have to clean up, and as a result, we have to charge them more for the work. However, business owners who are seriousRead More →

Wijdan – Beauty, Fitness & Spa – Muscat – Oman Wijdan is a wonderful center for women, by women. It is a spacious center offering up class Spa, Beauty and Fitness services for women. With a swimming pool, massage / spa rooms, a large dance/ Zumba / pole dance / exercise / work out room. Programs for women of all ages. Wijdan is located on Mezoon street closer to Al Khoudh, same building as Poly Glot Institute and the new Al Amri Center Oman 360 Views is happy to have had the opportunity to create a virtual tour for this health, beauty and fitness spaRead More →