Mitsubishi Motors – Oman This company has served Oman for decades. It was our extreme pleasure to work with Mitsubishi Motors – Oman in helping them claim their online master account on Google My Business. We are happy to add one more customer who we helped get “bulk verification” status. During this process, we helped Mitsubishi  Motors – Oman claim 39 of their business locations on Google. Claiming your business branches and locations allow you as a company to interact with your customers directly online by answering their questions which they post on your profile and by interacting with their reviews. As you may know,Read More →

360WebSmart - Google My Business Agency

360WebSmart in Oman Gets Google Organization / Agency Approval We are excited to announce that one of our operational arms 360WebSmart was granted Organizational/ Agency Approval by Google. This provides us with a special Dashboard on Google My Business to allow us to work more efficiently for our clients. All our client accounts have been moved from (DealerElements) to 360WebSmart dashboard. Including Bank Muscat, Towell Auto Center, and multiple other small businesses. We offer our ID to our clients, and they can invite us to manage their business. After they feel comfortable with operating their GMB (Google My Business) Account, they remove our access andRead More →

FITBOX Oman is on the map! Many times small companies and businesses try to wear all the hats! They want to start their business, they want to become IT specialists, they want to basically do everything which they have no experience in doing! 9 times out of 10, by the time these small businesses reach out to us, they have already messed up so much that it takes much longer to give them the help they need because of the mess we have to clean up, and as a result, we have to charge them more for the work. However, business owners who are seriousRead More →

Google Business Listing – Google My Business Help! Over the last few months, we have been able to help several businesses right here in Oman to take control of their Google My Business (GMB) accounts. While some of the business information that pre-existed was faulty, needing correction. Some did not exist at all. We set with the general manager of Tche Tche close to Al Mouj, and within 30 minutes we were able to get his business listed on Google Maps! Shortly we will be helping him “Claim” his business so he can have more control over information about his business.   In another recentRead More →