Mitsubishi Motors – Oman

This company has served Oman for decades. It was our extreme pleasure to work with Mitsubishi Motors – Oman in helping them claim their online master account on Google My Business. We are happy to add one more customer who we helped get “bulk verification” status.

During this process, we helped Mitsubishi  Motors – Oman claim 39 of their business locations on Google.

Claiming your business branches and locations allow you as a company to interact with your customers directly online by answering their questions which they post on your profile and by interacting with their reviews.

As you may know, Google reviews are of paramount importance to a company and they are literarily your “word of mouth” free promotion. In our understanding, there is nothing such as “a negative review”, every review is important and the response given to it by you is actually what determines if the review is “viewed” as positive or negative by the rest of your audience.