Google Business Listing – Google My Business Help

Google Business Listing – Google My Business Help!

Over the last few months, we have been able to help several businesses right here in Oman to take control of their Google My Business (GMB) accounts. While some of the business information that pre-existed was faulty, needing correction. Some did not exist at all.

We set with the general manager of Tche Tche close to Al Mouj, and within 30 minutes we were able to get his business listed on Google Maps! Shortly we will be helping him “Claim” his business so he can have more control over information about his business.

Google My Business, Success in listing


In another recent case, we sat with business owners and helped them “claim” their businesses, so that when their businesses appear on Google maps, our customers have total control of their online presence via the Google Knowledge Graph (if you are not sure what this is, please contact us… you may be missing out on a lot of free business leads and free business tools offered by Google).

Can you imagine being like our client above?
We have also helped Wijdan a ‘Spa & Health Club’ located on Mezoon Street, less than 5KM from Al Mouj residency, with top-notch equipment, great facility, large exercise area/function area, beautiful swimming pool etc… people pick their phone and look for “nearest spa” on their google map and they just don’t see you, even though you are just 100 or 200 meters away!

Fortunately, now all you have to do is simply type “wijdan”, and the spa shows up on the map!

We have also published their 360º Virtual Tour which will appears on the map search to help people get the “I can almost feel it” experience and “I have to go there” urge!

The case of Wijdan here represents only one business we have recently helped in Oman.

Other’s in Oman include Bank Muscat (Head Office), Cycle Omania, Sanaa Al Elm Private School, & Ground Zero Gaming –   Contact us, so your business could be next!