AlReem Medical Center – Al Qurum – Muscat – Oman AlReem Medical Center is for families who do not want to take chances with pregnancies and those who need a little help in conceiving. They are equipped with state of the art equipment and staff who know how to handle the equipment. Their goal is to help in birthing happy families. Oman 360 Views is happy to have had the opportunity to create a virtual tour for this facility in Al Qurum area, Muscat, Oman.

Gentle Pediatrics – Richmond, TX This place is state of the art. The owner is present as head doctor and the place is very clean. My scheduled meeting for creating the virtual tour was delayed because every one in every office had to stop to help an 18 months old baby in critical condition… yes, not just one doctor, but every one working took part one way or another until the infant was transferred to right emergency center. After I finished my photography the owner was still making calls to mom and related hospital to make sure the infant is well.