360WebSmart - Google My Business Agency

360WebSmart in Oman Gets Google Organization / Agency Approval

We are excited to announce that one of our operational arms 360WebSmart was granted Organizational/ Agency Approval by Google.

This provides us with a special Dashboard on Google My Business to allow us to work more efficiently for our clients.

360WebSmart - Google My Business Agency

All our client accounts have been moved from (DealerElements) to 360WebSmart dashboard. Including Bank Muscat, Towell Auto Center, and multiple other small businesses.

We offer our ID to our clients, and they can invite us to manage their business. After they feel comfortable with operating their GMB (Google My Business) Account, they remove our access and continue with success on Google Maps.

360WebSmart is an integral part of Oman360Views (as Oman360Views offers many services via this portal).

Oman360Views has been offering Google virtual tour services to businesses in Oman, primarily in the Muscat area since 2017. As the only face to face company, Oman 360 Views has also helped many companies get on Google maps and claim their businesses on via Google My Business.