EQUINIX Date Centres – Oman

EQUINIX Data Centres is an International company, whose name simply says what they are. In collaboration with lightswitch USA.

Hidden in the outskirts of Barka, EQUINIX Oman is one of the major data centres serving the Gulf area.

For security reasons, we did not publish the tour. In this project, our prime job was simply to capture 360º panoramic images in high definition (RAW mode) and create a virtual tour that would be hosted by them. The job was completed and submitted and as such it would not show in Google Street View and shows no credit to us. But we have done similar works in the past, some of which we keep copyrights and some of which, the collaborating partner keeps the rights.

Collaboration partners in the past have reached out to us from the USA, USA, Canada, Italy and Brazil.

We welcome collaboration works with all international and local organizations who want to use our services to increase their service portfolio with their customers