15% Discount for Restaurants on Virtual Tours, New or Refreshed

15% Discount for Restaurants on Virtual Tours, New or Refreshed

If you have a restaurant you know that word of mouth is very important. However many times even you personally have seen businesses that you just pass by and wish you could stop to take a look at, but you are busy. The outside has attracted you, and just as with your restaurant, you know that the inside is even better looking than the outside.  While we know people do not eat decor, we can agree that in Oman, somehow people would rather go and eat at a place that has good decor, than a place that actually has good food!

So, how do you get people to see the inside of your restaurant? Would it be nice if your customers could look at the decor and simply call you to book a corner table after seeing your restaurant via virtual tour?

The West has been taking advantage of this for a while. A few in Oman have done it too… now it’s your turn.

If you already have one, then you may consider doing an update if your restaurant decor has changed, because nothing turns off customers like being promised one thing and given another! So when they come to your restaurant, they are expecting what they saw! This is why we are offering you a 15% discount to re-do your virtual tour 🙂

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Happy customers, happy business! Wishing you great success.