NFC Cards, QR Codes and Stickers for Business

Get Reviews, keep in touch, and increase revenue

We have worked hard for a few months behind the scenes collecting and testing these options so that you can be confident of what to expect.

It is no longer a mystery, but it is rather a proven fact that reviews can and do make a difference in any business.

Why do people (leave or not) negative reviews?

We know that customers who have a generally bad attitude or have had a bad experience will always find a way to voice their opinions including leaving negative reviews about a business in as many places as they can.

It is a business's duty of course to reach out to them and try to resolve the situation.

However, also we know that the majority of our customers are happy, but only a fraction of them actually leave reviews!

This is because happy people are always busy pursuing, and it takes too much of their time to seek your business out and leave you a review! So it is best to make it easy for them.

We have found a working solution!

Over the years we have requested businesses to display QR codes for customers or clients to scan and get straight to reviews. We even requested the businesses to send review links in their thank you emails. these work well.

In most cases, businesses "felt" that QR codes were cumbersome and did not know how to manage them.

So now we have decided to go with more attractive and manageable methods for the businesses to manage these options.

We offer multiple ways for any business to allow their customers to review them or connect with them.

Business Reviews:

  • Google
  • Trip Advisor
  • Facebook

Business Social Connect:

  • Facebook
  • Google Profile
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • WhatsApp
  • X(formerly Twitter)

How does it work?:

In short, a business can display multiple items or just some items. All of these can have both NFC-programmed chips and QR Codes, or either one!


  • Tent banner
  • L-shaped banner
  • Window Sticker
  • or Credit Card type


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Do you need more proof? or information on how this can affect your business?

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