Publishing to Google Maps

The last step is to publish the moderated virtual tour and wait for it to show up on the client’s account in Google Maps. Now the client virtually welcomes their audience into their place.

What we do;

Once the client has approved the virtual tour, it is ready for publishing to their ID on Google Maps. We do this from the back end. The actual process may take anywhere between 5 minutes and several hours depending on how big the tour is. But once published, the client will start seeing the spherical images pop up in their profile on Google Maps. Normally after this, it can take 10 minutes to 72 hours for all the panoramic spherical images to connect and work as they did in preview mode. Sometimes the arrows will appear and disappear. But normally after 72 hours the tour stabilizes as it would have been published to multiple servers and everything gets interconnected for smooth user experience.

Done! It is as simple and as complicated as that!