Imagery Upload / Preview Stage

Stitched and edited images are then uploaded to servers which allow us to view the 360-degree, spherical, panoramic images. The publishing service also facilitates tour moderation and client preview. If all is good, the tour is published, or else more edits are done.

What we do;

Once images are uploaded to a publishing service we search for the clients’ identification number called CID on Google Maps. This allows us to publish the imagery onto the clients’ Google Maps profile using this unique business identity. We don’t yet publish the images. This step simply allows us to publish the tour on the client’s account in the future.

Once uploaded, we use the moderation tool to make sure that images show up in the right place and we align the images according to how they were taken. We then link the images to create a “walk-through” feel. So that when the viewer looks at the tour, it “feels” like they are at the location. After fine-tuning, we are ready to show the tour pre-view to the client.

If all looks good, then we proceed to the next step