Imagery Editing Stage

For this stage, images are imported into a computer where we spend hours stitching them into panoramic images and editing them until each spherical image looks right.

What we do;

During image capturing, we captured 4 sides 180-degree images, on each side, we captured bracketed images at low exposure, standard exposure, and high exposure. This allows us to capture colors in depth so that when the 3 images are layered, the viewer gets a beautiful image as close as the eye sees. We first combine the 3 layers for each of the 4 sides to make 4 images. Then we stitch together the 4 images to make 1 spherical image.

Somewhere between all this work, we also make some light adjustments and try to get all images looking good.

Next, we edit out things that should not be in the images. For example security cameras, a few small smudges here and there, etc. By the time this is done, each image looks good to sell!

All this can take from an hour to days depending on how many images were captured (size of the tour) and the number of edits needed.

During this process, we also notice if any major flows may require re-capturing some scenes or the complete tour.

If all looks good, then we proceed to the next step