Imagery Capture Stage

During the imagery capture stage, a lot of preparations have to be made both on the client’s side and the photographer’s side to make sure that the image capture is smooth.

From the client’s side;

The full area that is to be captured has to be thoroughly cleaned. Because almost whatever the eye can see, the camera will capture and offer to your customers for view. This includes those big marks on the floor that you have forgotten about or a mark on the wall that some kid left and it has been forgotten about. Or broken tiles that you intended to replace and you have forgotten about. Pretty much everything!

On the day of the shoot, things may need to be moved around. We normally come with our door stoppers to help keep the doors open if needed. If you have dustbins/garbage cans, these may need to be moved a few times during the photography session so that they do not show in the photos.

Your staff members need to become invisible if possible. This means that if they are present during the photo shoot, we will request them to move away from the frame about to be captured (several times) until the complete capture is done.

TVs or live screens will need to be turned off or “paused” on a frame that you would like for your customers to see. This removes the ghosting effect which does not have any benefit for the customer or the business owner.

From the photographer’s side;

The day before the shoot, all batteries are charged, and the camera is tested to make sure the settings are right for the imagery capture, especially if the camera was used for different types of photo capture before. SD cards to be used for the project may need to be formatted and tested to make sure they record and extra cards will need to be prepared. All extra lenses, cameras, and stands that are used as standby items are to be checked and tested to be project-ready.

The computer that will later process the images needs to be backed up and restarted to make sure that after the project photo capture, the computer is ready for the job.

The software that will be used to process the imagery also needs to be tested to be sure that when it is needed it will work


Now both parties are nearly ready, anything not within this list may be out of anyone’s control!