Our Customers Businesses have just crossed 12 Million Views

Our Customers Businesses have just crossed 12 Million Views

We would like to congratulate our customers as their businesses have just been viewed over 12 Million times.

What does that mean?

  1. Marketing and Promotions that they have invested in are paying off!
  2. The Virtual Tours we have created for them and the POI (Poing of Interest) images have attracted quite a few eyeballs towards their online presence.
  3. The views translate to traffic to the businesses channels and funnels
  4. The online traffic is convertible in percentile measure to offline business footprints (people who walk into the business)

It’s all connected.

If you are a business or you know someone who owns a business that is not yet claimed on Google and has no Virtual Tour, then this is a great opportunity for all to take that step forward and get things going. The West has been enjoying these benefits for years, time for all here in the Middle East to benefit as well. But just as with everything else, those who get on early enjoy more benefits than those who wake up after EVERYBODY is already in it!

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