SPIRIT HUB Roastery and Specialty Coffee – Seeb – Oman

SPIRIT HUB Roastery and Specialty Coffee – Seeb – Oman

As a well-known and authentic cafe in Oman, SPIRIT HUB Roastery and Specialty Coffee is dedicated to providing the best possible coffee experience for its customers. Moreover, by focusing exclusively on specialty coffee, the team at SPIRIT HUB is able to meticulously showcase the unique flavors and aromas of each batch of beans. As coffee enthusiasts, we invite you to savor the best of Oman’s coffee beans at SPIRIT HUB, where every cup tells a story of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Oman 360 Views was able to directly speak to the owner who is enthusiastic and hardworking. If you are lucky you may catch him behind the counter. Working with him has been smooth and helped get our job done swiftly without any hiccups.

They are located very close to Al Mouj, on the south Al Mouj road, between Al Mouj Round About and Al Bahja Round About.

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