Google Street View Certified!

Google Street View Certification for our company took a long time using high-quality DSLR cameras and 180º glass lenses. The process is lengthy but gives great quality images. The certification was done under user Dealer Elements, in the USA, (Houston, Texas). Back when it was necessary to study and pass certification tests and using DSLR cameras only.

There are those who use simpler cameras and lower quality images. As a matter of fact, if you would like for us to get the job done instantly (lower quality) we too can use simple 360 cameras and charge lower prices as the post-processing workload is reduced. But so is the imagery quality. You the business owner choose how you want to represent your business.

Once certification is completed ONLY THEN is any photographer allowed to legally display the “Trusted” Logo from Google.

You can find one of our Trusted Pro (Sam Al-Busaidy)  listed on the Google “Hire a trusted pro, boost your business” page when you choose Oman for Country, Muscat for State, and Muscat for City.

How to find our certified pros on Google

Given that we are conversant in both English & Arabic. The two logos we are allowed to use are

    1. Official English Version of the logoGoogle Street View Trusted badge - English
    2. Official Arabic Version of the logo
      Google Street View Trusted badge - Arabic

Our Services Include;

1. 360º Photography

Google certified 360 photographers with plenty of experience.

2. 360º Virtual Tours

Google Certified 360º google maps virtual tour, creators. Many projects completed and several in the pipeline.

3. Google My Business (GMB) Name Claim

Over 98% of businesses in Oman are not claimed for 2 reasons!!

  1. People do not know how to (we can help)
  2. Established IT firms want too much money to do this time-consuming task (for Oman) and most often, they ignore smaller businesses (we can help)

Basically, if your business is listed on google maps and shows that it can be claimed, it simply means you have no control over your account and that you are losing a lot of customers. When a business is “claimed” it is also “verified” after this happens, you get total control of your account on most search engines who simply copy results from google! The area where your business shows on search results (if it is on the right – for English displayed results or on the left – for Arabic of the displayed results) is called Knowledge Graph.

Once your business is “verified” you will have;

  • ability to respond to reviews,
  • remove unrelated images posted to your business results,
  • change/edit/add images about your business,
  • get access to insights about how people reach your busineGoogle google,
  • access info. on calls to your business and best hours and so many other things…. let’s talk.

We have already helped several businesses in Oman get a handle and control of their business online, we know how to! Let us help you!

4. 360º Web Marketing

Most marketing companies stop at newspapers, tv, and website, some go as far as Instagram. But there’s more to marketing than that!

5. The Right Approach

Most marketing money is spent on same places today as it was spent 20 years ago… things have changed, people rarely ready “hard copy” newspapers and books, but rather everything is done on smart mobile devices. Isn’t it time more focus is spent there? Google estimates that over 70% of search is done on smart devices. Our marketing is focused on making sure that customers are reached in whichever media they choose to use!

6. Digital Footprint and Interconnections

Most marketers know the importance of digital footprints, however, they tend to ignore it, because work their scope is only website creation. As a business owner, you should know that any identity (account) you establish online is considered to be a footprint, and any post you publish online is a footprint as well. Therefore it is extremely important that you create accounts in every social platform that your local customers interact with. In the case of Oman, that is LinkedIn®, Twitter®, Instagram®, Facebook®, Snapchat® and YouTube®. WhatsApp® Business, Facebook® Business and Instagram® Business accounts are also a must to establish. Other ignored (but equally important digital footprints) include AppleMaps®, FourSquare® and many other map and online business listings.

7. SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very common word that even the non-tech savvy customers know very well. But it is rarely ever applied! Almost every client we talked to knows that they need to include “keywords” in every single online post they make, but they rarely do it. Goes to prove that knowledge is not power, however, “application of knowledge” yields power. We analyse all your “digital footprints” and let you know how and where the keywords make the most impact and also “which” keywords the customers actually react to (not which keywords, you or I think should work).

8. Detailed Consultation

Before embarking on any mission or project, we sit with customers to understand what it is that they are trying to accomplish and to see if they already have a measuring stick to make sure that they get exactly what they want. Many times we find that they know what they want, but the approach or medium used is not the right one. For instance, if your desire is to promote Oman heritage and sell antiques… Instagram is the 50% wrong media and selling everything in Arabic is a 50% wrong approach. Your customers are not only in Oman or only in the Middle East, but they are also in Europe, the Far-East, the USA etc.! So marketing is to be done to them via media that they access!!!

Next Steps…

Let’s meet up and discuss your needs so we can create customer influx that you will be happy about!